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#Alhamdulillah saya telah dijemput sebagai salah seorang Keynote Speaker untuk International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention 2018 yang berlangsung di BTPN Negeri Pahang, Kuantan pada 24 September hingga 26 Sepetember 2018

Tema untuk konvesyen tersebut adalah ‘Connectivism in Education: Between Plugged and Unplugged'. Abstrak untuk keynote yang telah sampaikan adalah seperti di bawah. Manakala anda boleh menonton keynote tersebut melalui laman Youtube di bawah. Diharap perkongsian ini memberi manafa'at kepada semua.

Designing Impactful Blended Learning Experiences in Higher Education

Effective blended learning experience design can create relevant, engaging and memorable educational experiences for students in higher education. Educators role should be less about building slides, modules or content. It should be now more about curating the learning experience. As such, designing appropriate blended learning experiences is crucial especially to properly engage learners with the learning activities and help them achieve the learning outcomes. It is suggested that collaboration between teachers and students around blended learning design is crucial and may result in amazing experiences and prepare them to be persistent learners who can create learning goals and plot paths to meet those goals. This can be achieved by providing immersive, real-world simulations or experiences using a blended learning platform towards a personalised learning environment. The blended learning strategies might include open communication, designing activities involving critical reflection and discourse online and offline, and finally, creating and sustain a sense of community between learner and teachers. It is also suggested that designing appropriate and engaging activities with proper instructions in an e-learning platform can lead to better learning outcomes of students. Finally, all the student blended interactions can be stored and analysed in e-learning platform for various purposes, such as tracking the learning progress, recognising misconceptions, or getting more information about the student needs or features and, therefore, enriching the student learning. The impactful blended learning experience in higher education is by design and can be one of the keys to unlocking the full value of blended learning experiences in higher education.